List of Schools in Malaga, Spain

Malaga, the vibrant capital of the Costa del Sol, is not only a cultural and tourist hub but also home to a diverse range of outstanding schools. If you’re seeking the best educational opportunities for your child in Malaga Capital, you’ll find a wealth of options. We have compiled a list of Schools in Malaga, Spain, to help you through this decisive process once you have arrived.

Later on this article, we will be referring to the procedure and requirements you need to fulfill in order to register your child.

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Here’s a unique glimpse into SIX important SCHOOLS that make this city an educational haven:


The British School of Malaga is a prestigious British school with a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. The school provides a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. 

Further, The British school of Malaga has a deep commitment to individualized learning, extensive extracurricular activities. 

Also, a sense of strong community engagement make it a sought-after choice among families. This intitution is one of the best amongst the list of schools in Malaga, Spain.

2.LYCÉE Français de MALAGA

For families seeking a French educational experience, el Lycée Français de Malaga is the go-to institution. As an accredited French school, it offers a rigorous French curriculum combined with an international perspective. 

Moreover, the school’s multicultural environment, highly qualified faculty, and focus on linguistic and cultural diversity create an enriching educational experience for students. 


The Sierra Blanca School stands out for the involvement of families in education and the formation of human and Christian values. Also, it is known for its bilingual teaching, personalized attention, the pedagogical preparation of its faculty, and the pursuit of academic excellence. 

Further, The International Baccalaureate (IB) is the pedagogical framework of reference. We are IB World Schools, authorized in the Primary Years Programme (PYP). 

List of School is Malaga Spain

With a rich history and a focus on academic excellence, Colegio San Estanislao de Kostka is a prominent school in Malaga Capital. The institution boasts a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes both intellectual and personal development. 

Also, its commitment to holistic education, complemented by state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing environment, makes it a preferred choice for families. 


Known for its multicultural environment and emphasis ON INTERNATIONALISM Colegio Los Olivos provides an enriching educational experience. 

Further, the school offers a bilingual curriculum and promotes intercultural understanding and global citizenship. With a strong commitment to personalized learning and a range of extracurricular activities, Colegio Los Olivos prepares students for a globally interconnected society.


Colegio La Asunción is recognized for its tradition of academic excellence and a values-based approach to education. Also, the school’s comprehensive curriculum encompasses not only intellectual development but also moral, emotional, and social growth. 

Moreover, Colegio La Asunción’s dedicated faculty, coupled with its nurturing atmosphere, fosters a supportive learning environment for students to thrive.


Remember that it is firstly important to understand the Spanish Education System. You need to familiarize yourself with the Spanish education system to make informed decisions. Spain provides both public (state-funded) and private schools. Public schools follow the Spanish curriculum, while private schools may offer international programs or alternative educational approaches.

Additionally, you need to do proper research for yourself and identify schools that align with your educational preferences, location, and the needs of your children. Further, consider factors such as teaching methods, extracurricular activities, languages offered, and school facilities. Take advantage of school visits or virtual tours to assess the learning environment and meet with school staff.D

Moreover, you need to gather the necessary documents for enrollment. 

This typically includes your child’s:

 -birth certificate

 -vaccination records 


 -residency documentation

 -any previous academic records. 

If your child is non-Spanish speaking, some schools may require a language proficiency test to determine the appropriate support or language track

Finally, complete the registration process in the school you have chosen. Some schools have specific enrollment periods, so it’s essential to start the process well in advance. Complete the enrollment forms and submit the required documents to secure a place for your child.

Each of these schools in Malaga Capital has its own distinctive approach, values, and strengths. When choosing a school in Malaga, consider factors such as the educational philosophy, curriculum offerings and extracurricular activities. 

Whether you are looking for public or private schools, OUR TEAM can give you orientation concerning this very impotant step.

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