Long-Term Housing Assistance in Malaga, Spain

For those seeking a long stay in the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain, we offer customised long-term housing assistance. We know the hurdles of looking for a property to rent in Malaga. The good news is that we can guide you through the process of finding a unique solution that caters to your specific needs. 

At Malaga Relocation Services, we will make sure you find what you are looking for during the length of your stay!

Malaga Relocation Services is the BEST option you will find in Malaga and all along the Costa del Sol. In our Long-Stay Housing Assistance Programm, we will assist you find the property that best suit your needs.

This Process is more complex than the one involving Short-Term Assistance, however we have detailed it in SIX STEPS:


The process begins with an Initial Consultation between you and our Agency. This consultation can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through online communication platforms. During this discussion, we gather information about the client’s housing needs, preferences, budget, and desired location in Malaga.


Based on the information provided, we conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand your specific requirements. This assessment takes into account factors such as the desired type of accommodation, number of bedrooms, amenities, proximity to schools or workplaces, and any specific accessibility requirements.

Housing Assistance, Malaga


Using our extensive network and knowledge of the local housing market, we begin the search for suitable properties that match the your criteria. We utilize various resources, including online databases, local connections, and their own listings, to identify potential options. 


Once we have shortlisted potential properties, we present you with the options. This includes providing detailed descriptions, photographs, floor plans, and any other relevant information about each property. You can review the options and provide feedback to further refine the search.

Long term housing Assistance Malaga


 If you express interest in any of the presented properties, we arrange property viewings. We coordinate with the landlords or property managers to schedule convenient times for the expat to visit the properties in person. During the viewings, our representative accompanies you to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure a smooth experience.


Once you select a preferred property, we take on the role of negotiator between the expat and the landlord. We can negotiate lease terms, including rental price, duration, deposit requirements, and any additional clauses or conditions. 

Also, we ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the negotiation process. Once an agreement is reached, we assist in preparing the lease agreement and ensure that all necessary documentation is in order.

Many of our clients first come to Malaga for a long-stay as they have chosen to settle doen here. If the client wishes, we can furtgher assist them with legal procedures and matteres related to renting a property. OUR TEAM is made up of Malaga native professionals, who master all aspects needed for relocating. 


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