Renting out an Urban Property in Malaga, Spain

In Andalusia, the concept of “holiday rentals” revolves around providing accommodations in a regular and touristic manner. These homes are promoted and advertised through various channels that enable bookings, such as travel agencies or tourism-focused companies. However, there are certain bureaucratic procedures which are more complex than what they originally seem to be.

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Holiday rentals in Malaga, Spain, can either entail renting out the entire home or individual rooms, such as in the case of bed and breakfast establishments. The maximum capacity for complete homes is set at 15 people, while for room rentals, it should not exceed 6 people. Additionally, no more than 4 people are allowed per room.

In this short article, we have prepared an overview on how you can start renting out an urban property in Malaga, Spain.


To register a holiday rental in urban areas, certain requirements must be met. The property should possess an occupation permit or a similar valid document. It must also meet technical and quality standards applicable to holiday homes. Rooms should have proper ventilation, either through direct external means or a patio.

Moreover, the home must be adequately furnished and equipped with household utensils and linens. During the months of May to September, air conditioning is necessary in bedrooms and living rooms. For rentals between October to April, heating is required. However, there is a one-year adaptation period for compliance with this regulation after the decree comes into effect.



Other obligations include providing a first aid kit, furnishing information about local tourist attractions, medical services, transportation options, maps, and entertainment guides. 

Further, complaints and claims books must be available, and the property should be cleaned before and after each client’s stay. The owner or operator’s contact number should be accessible to guests.

Additionally, clients should receive information about internal rules and instructions regarding facilities, rooms, and equipment. The property should maintain a record of travelers, and a contract must be signed.

Moreover, the contract shall include including essential details like the owner or operator’s name, the registration number with the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia, the number of occupants, arrival and departure dates, total price of the stay, and contact information.

Finally, identification documents must be provided by clients, and the owner/operator must retain a copy of the signed contract for one year.

Renting out an urban Property in Malaga, Spain


Malaga RELOCATION SERVICES has more than 15 years of experiencing in managing urban properties along Malaga, and the Costa del Sol. We know how complicated can it be to manage properties in Spain, that’s why OUR TEAM is always up-to-date concerning changes in legal procedures. 

Further, We master all tax-related matters concerning renting out an urban property in Malaga, Spain. Also, we can provide full management of urban properties, and we always strive for our client’s best financial interest.

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