Renting out a Rural Property in Malaga, Spain

The Costa de Sol has never been more attractive for investors than today. “Holiday Rentals” in the rural areas of Malaga, Marbella or Nerja, are increasingly turning into a common trend for travellers in Europe. These areas are also becoming amongst the most favoured spots to invest in Spain and Europe. 

However, if you want to start renting out your rural property in Malaga, Spain, there are certain bureaucratic procedures which might seem unsurmontable.

WE have a strong network of collaborators who can take care of your rural property. WE can assist you through the process of renting  out a rural property in Malaga, Spain. Further, we can entirely manage it, so you can maximize your investment.

At Malaga RELOCATION SERVICES, you will find a specialized partner as you plan to either rent out, or manage your rural property in Malaga. We can advise you through this process, providing professional legal advice in all matters related to this.

In this short article, we have prepared an overview on how you can start renting out a rural property in Malaga, Spain.


First of all, to ensure compliance with regulations, all rural tourism accommodation homes in the countryside that are promoted through channels allowing reservations, travel agencies, or companies facilitating tourist services , must be registered with the Andalusian Tourism Registry.


Here is a brief overview on how you can start renting out your rural property in Malaga, Spain.

  • Independent Homes: These include the main house and any accompanying structures like tool rooms, stables, sheds, or similar buildings.

  • Temporary or Seasonal Use: The homes should be offered to the public for temporary or seasonal stays, or occasionally occupied throughout the year.

  • Rental Duration: If the house is rented for less than three months per year, it falls under the category of houses in the countryside (VTAR). For rentals exceeding three months per year, the category is rural houses or Casas Rurales.

  • Accommodation Services: The properties should solely provide accommodation services and not other commercial activities.

  • Building Limitation: There should not be more than three homes within the same building.

  • Capacity and Furnishing: The accommodation capacity should not exceed twenty people. The homes must be furnished and equipped with the necessary household items for immediate occupancy.

  • Access and Location: Adequate signage should be in place for easy access. Guests should be provided with a map or location plan.


  • Road Accessibility: The access road should be suitable for normal cars. In exceptional cases where the roads are inaccessible by car, the owner must arrange transportation to and from the accommodation.

  • Basic Facilities: Provision of drinking water, treatment and evacuation of wastewater, electricity, rubbish container service as per local regulations, and a first aid kit.

  • Fire Safety: Fire extinguishers must be available in the kitchen, dining room-living room, top floor, and attic. The extinguishers should have a minimum load capacity of 5kg.

  • Seasonal Climate Control: Air conditioning is required if the property is rented from May through September, while heating is necessary from October through April.

  • Traveller Record Book and Documentation: A record book of guests should be maintained, and guests should receive an invoice or ticket for their stay.

  • Logos and Publicity: The house should display an identification plaque near the main entrance, indicating the type of accommodation. The registration date, number, and relevant details from the Andalusian Tourism Registry should be prominently displayed on the premises and in all promotional materials.

Renting out a rural Property in Malaga, Spain


Malaga RELOCATION SERVICES has more than 15 years of experiencing in managing rural properties along Malaga, and the Costa del Sol. We know how complicated can it be to manage properties in Spain, that’s why OUR TEAM is always up-to-date concerning changes in legal procedures. 

Further, We master all tax-related matters concerning renting out an rural property in Malaga, Spain. Also, we can provide full management of urban properties, and we always strive for our client’s best financial interest.

Let us help you start maximizing your investment in Malaga and in the Costa del Sol. Look no further, just send us an email.


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